Bob’s Story

The BeerHandle was designed and developed by Bob Ptak, Founder and President of USA TAILGATERS, Inc. The BeerHandle was developed in 1997 and since its inception has gained critical acclaim for its creativity and ingenuity.

The Birth of the BeerHandle

Bob, an expert in tailgating, wanted to keep his beer (or soda) colder longer and have the ability to drink a beer as if drinking out of a frosted mug. While considering many options, the obvious choice was the BeerHandle. After many attempts in the design phase, the perfect design was born. The BeerHandle was originally produced with a blue color finish. Now, the BeerHandle is available in blue, silver, gold and red (look for more colors soon). In addition, the BeerHandle can have a custom design containing company names, company logos, fraternity letters, sorority letters and much, much more.

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